• Burning monitor

    18 02/2016 Why You Need A Solid Backup Strategy

    I came across this article this morning and it was the headline that caught me,

    Today DigitalOcean lost our entire server

  • 27 10/2015 Spam Alert - Suspension Notice

    Our technical service team would like to advise that some customers may have received an email from abuse@netregistry.com.au and/or feedback@netregistry.com.au.org with a download link to an external website along with an external phone contact number.

  • Nexcess beyond hosting

    06 04/2014 Propeller Partner with Nexcess to Provide Dedicated ExpressionEngine Hosting

    Propeller are delighted to have been appointed as a Development Partner to Detroit-based Nexcess

    After hearing Nexcess President, Chris Wells talk at the 2013 ExpressionEngine Conference about how Nexcess had, in conjunction with ExpressionEngine vendors EliisLab, developed an optimised hosting platform for ExpressionEngine-based websites, Propeller forged a partnership with Nexcess in order to provide our clients with a dedicated hosting platform for ExpressionEngine-based websites.

  • 28 09/2013 Monthly Website Maintenance Plans

    I’ve written previously about the importance of keeping your website’s software up to date and of having a backup plan. In a bid to make life easier Propeller have been gradually introducing our clients on an individual basis to tailored hosting and website maintenance plans.

  • 29 03/2012 New Domain Renewal Scam - Take 565…

    I received an email today – fairly amateurish looking, offering me the opportunity to renew www.propellergraphicdesign.com on March 28. Helpful? Well it would be if Propeller wasn’t the registrar and hadn’t been for several years. On another note the domain is fully paid up until August.

  • 04 05/2011 7 Reasons Why Having More Than One Domain Name Can Help Your Online Business

    When deciding to get your company an online presence many business owners make the mistake of purchasing just a single domain name. Over time this can prove costly for a number of reasons. Instead business owners should obtain a variety of domain names for their company.

  • 08 07/2010 WARNING: Domain Registration invoice scam from "Domain Register Pty Ltd"

    Planetdomain Domain Administration team was recently made aware of a new Domain Registration invoice scam operating currently via “Domain Register Pty Ltd” (ABN: 17 127 506 807), registered in Perth WA (despite listing a Melbourne, VIC office address).

  • 01 05/2009 Misleading unsolicited emails from Asian domain name companies

    Propeller have recently been notified by some clients of emails they have received from Asia-based companies regarding potential domain name registrations etc. Propeller have advised our clients that these emails are misleading and purely speculative and our advice is that they are best ignored.

Recent Projects

  • The 'New' Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel Website

    Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel

    We dont often share single website launches but in this instance there is a degree of history behind it which speaks to a return on investment not normally associated with websites.

  • Brown Brothers Engineers New Zealand

    Brown Brothers Engineers New Zealand

    December 2013 saw the launch of a new Brown Brothers Engineers Australia website. October 2014 sees the turn of New Zealand parent company Brown Brothers Engineers.

  • RedFest 2014


    Read about Propeller’s 2014 responsive reboot of the RedFest website.

  • Into Harmony Health Services

    Into Harmony Health Services

    Into Harmony Health Services are located in Bayside, Brisbane. Melanie Young has been passionate about health and wellness for over 30 years. Following a substantial period of rehabilitation following a car accident and surviving cancer in her late twenties, Melanie has dedicated years of personal development and training to assisting other people with their health challenges.

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