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    02 04/2014 Are You Going High-Wire Without a Net?

    The Twitterverse was abuzz this morning with stories of people having lost their blogs and other websites hosted with TextDrive. For the sake of our clients, before going on I would like to clarify that TextDrive is not to be confused with the Textpattern CMS which is very much alive and well and Propeller is not now nor has ever been involved with TextDrive Hosting.

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    21 05/2013 Is your website software up to date?

    I wrote earlier about the importance of keeping a regular backup of your website. Of equal importance is ensuring that your website’s Content Management System or CMS for short is kept up to date.

  • Burning monitor

    21 05/2013 Have you got a backup plan?

    Whether you are in business or at home we all know the value of backing up our computers. Although computer hardware and software is more reliable than ever, parts still fail and software can become corrupted or fall foul of viruses and other malicious software.

  • The Redland Foundation

    10 04/2013 The Redland Foundation

    The Redland Foundation was established in 2010 to build and enhance the community-building capacity of Redland City. The foundation aims to be the Redlands leading philanthropic organisation, engaging and encouraging community members to invest in the future of the Redlands.

  • 11 09/2012 Why I Need to Know Your Budget?

    Discussing web design budgets with clients can sometimes be a difficult issue. Its the old ‘how long is a piece of string’ nature of costing a website vs. clients either being unaware of what a website is likely to cost or simply being unwilling to disclose their budget, often in fear that we will somehow make the project fit the budget.

  • 03 05/2012 Google take further steps to reward high-quality sites

    In the face of increasing perversion of search results by black-hat SEO ‘experts’, one year on Google is now taking further steps towards rewarding high-quality sites and penalising ‘over optimised’ websites.

  • 10 12/2011 Good SEO is the result of Good Web Design. Period.

    Whilst my opinions on the SEO ‘Industry’ are well known to regular readers and clients alike, every now and then an article comes along that nails it… just, nails it…

  • 28 11/2011 Interview on RPH Adelaide

    Following our result in the 2011 Australian Web Awards, I was interviewed on Saturday by Peter Greco on RPH Adelaide discussing the award and website accessibility in general.

  • Louise Denisenko Campaign Website

    27 09/2011 Vote 1 Louise Denisenko

    Local Business Operator and Victoria Point Resident Louise Denisenko is running for Division 4 in the 2012 Redland City Council elections.

  • Exact Print

    13 09/2011 Exact Print

    Propeller have worked with Exact Print – formerly Shabrokh Printing – for over 5 years. In that time, we’ve found their customer service to be unmatched and their product superb. As graphic designers, we need to know that our printer wont let us down with often time-sensitive client work.

Recent Projects

  • The 'New' Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel Website

    Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel

    We dont often share single website launches but in this instance there is a degree of history behind it which speaks to a return on investment not normally associated with websites.

  • Brown Brothers Engineers New Zealand

    Brown Brothers Engineers New Zealand

    December 2013 saw the launch of a new Brown Brothers Engineers Australia website. October 2014 sees the turn of New Zealand parent company Brown Brothers Engineers.

  • RedFest 2014


    Read about Propeller’s 2014 responsive reboot of the RedFest website.

  • Into Harmony Health Services

    Into Harmony Health Services

    Into Harmony Health Services are located in Bayside, Brisbane. Melanie Young has been passionate about health and wellness for over 30 years. Following a substantial period of rehabilitation following a car accident and surviving cancer in her late twenties, Melanie has dedicated years of personal development and training to assisting other people with their health challenges.

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