• 24 08/2007 Email Marketing Surpasses Direct Mail in Britain

    From Marketing Vox News-

    “Email marketing has surpassed direct mail for the first time in the UK, according to a report by DMA’s Email Marketing Council.

  • 02 08/2007 Top 100 Global Brands Named

    Coca-Cola again dominated this years’ list of the world’s Top 100 brands according to the BusinessWeek/Interbrand annual ranking of the 100 Best Global Brands (pdf).

  • 25 07/2007 Marketing and ROI

    eMarketer reports that direct mail and e-mail had the highest return on investment of any target marketing method in 2006, according to Harte-Hanks’ “Target Marketing Priorities Analysis: 2007 Key Trends” study.

  • 11 07/2007 The Viral Marketing Effect

    e-marketer reports that of all word-of-mouth (WOM) tactics, viral marketing has probably drawn the most attention from marketers. And they have lofty goals for it. According to a 2006 study by JupiterResearch, cited in Internet Retailer, the biggest goal of viral marketers was to increase brand awareness (71%). Half also expected to drive online sales, and 44% hoped to drive offline sales.

  • 08 06/2007 Email Newsletters Are the Preferred Information Source for Small and Medium Businesses

    If you are targeting small to medium businesses, a recent survey entitled Optimizing Email Newsletters for Small/Medium Businesses has some useful information for you.

    According to the study of over 300 executives, email newsletters rank highly as sources of information, beating out websites and blogs, and matching print media for importance. A weekly or monthly newsletter was the preferred frequency, and ‘how to’ and product information the top content areas requested.

  • 08 06/2007 RSS Support for blogs in Shopify

    Otherwise known as a feed or channel RSS is a format for delivering web content. RSS is used by many news-related sites or blogs and if you scroll up to the right, you’ll see the familiar icon which denotes the link to Propeller’s ‘News’ feed.

    Given that some form of news section or blog is commonplace on most modern websites Shopify has always provided a limited support for blogs.

  • 07 06/2007 Every cloud has a silver lining!

    The start of June has delivered the first decent downpours on Australia’s East coast in over two years – potentially bringing with it a windfall of a different kind.

  • London 2012 Olympic Logo

    05 06/2007 London 1984 Olympic logo

    A new logo for the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics was revealed in London overnight. Now, we all know that graphic arts is entirely subjective and one man’s art is another’s trash and far be it for us to comment on a fellow designers work, but.

  • 28 05/2007 Print vs. Web

    People often ask us if a website will work better for them than printed marketing materials or vice versa. Unfortunately, it’s not a simple yes / no answer; as both web and print mediums achieve different objectives and work well as a team within your marketing mix.

    People are extremely task-focused on the Web. That means they are much less open to content that is not directly related to the task at hand.

  • Boxing

    30 08/2006 When the Going Gets Tough -€“ The Tough Get Marketing!

    Every business has its ups and downs. Some are controlled by the economy, others by a myriad of other reasons.

    The dilemma we face when times are harder, is how we continue to market our products or services without the financial resources of the "good" times? Some companies reduce their staff, others slash their marketing budgets, many choose to do both. So what’s left?

Recent Projects

  • Into Harmony Health Services

    Into Harmony Health Services

    Into Harmony Health Services are located in Bayside, Brisbane. Melanie Young has been passionate about health and wellness for over 30 years. Following a substantial period of rehabilitation following a car accident and surviving cancer in her late twenties, Melanie has dedicated years of personal development and training to assisting other people with their health challenges.

  • Brown Brothers Engineers

    Brown Brothers Engineers

    Our final website launch of 2013 brings Brown Brothers Engineers to life. Established in New Zealand in 1908 initially specialising in electrical engineering and later diversifying into pump manufacture for domestic and commercial use, Brown Brothers Engineers today employs 140 people in 13 locations throughout Australia and New Zealand.

  • Richmond Fellowship Queensland (RFQ) Annual Report

    Richmond Fellowship Queensland are a community-owned organisation that supports people facing mental health challenges and social disadvantage. This year Propeller were delighted to have the opportunity to work on RFQ’s annual report.

  • Make Your Data Dazzling with an Infographic

    Incredible Infographic

    Looking for a better way to get your point across? An Infographic could be the answer…

    It seems almost everyone is facebooking or tweeting a cool infographic these days, their rise in popularity throughout social media and on websites has been meteoric and we’ve had a few people ask us ‘what’s these info-thingy’s?’…

  • OpenSSL (Heartbleed) Advisory for PropellerMail

    OpenSSL is an open source software suite that is used all over the world to encrypt communications over the internet. Heartbleed is the name given to a bug in that software that could allow unencrypted access to that information while it is in server memory.

  • Changes to Email Configuration

    It has come to our attention that previous (and some current) versions of hosting cPanel services have incorrectly displayed email account logins with the following format:

  • Scheduled upgrade of cPanel hosting service

    We are excited to announce that we are now in the final stages of a major cPanel hosting infrastructure upgrade.

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