29 03/2012Damien Buckley New Domain Renewal Scam - Take 565…

I received an email today – fairly amateurish looking, offering me the opportunity to renew www.propellergraphicdesign.com on March 28.

Helpful? Well it would be if Propeller wasn’t the registrar and hadn’t been for several years. On another note the domain is fully paid up until August.

I decided to delve a little deeper and, using a web-tunnelling service to avoid any security issues, decided to give http://annualregistrat.com/ – the source of the email – ‘Process Secure Payment’ link a try. Funnily enough this goes nowhere.

So, if you have domain names registered for your business and receive a renewal notification – either by mail or email – from a name, business, registrar or other entity you dont recognise and havent ben registered with prior, please hit the delete button without passing go or handing over your credit card details…

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