02 11/2010Damien Buckley Planbiz Launched!

PlanBiz Financial

When good friends David & Julie Kearns at PlanBiz Financial asked us to work towards a website redesign with them, we suggested a cautious approach to first ascertain what was and wasn’t working with their previous website which had been provided as part of a package via their licensing agency.

We installed Google Analytics at the same time as setting up their PropellerMail e-newsletter account. We then watched over a period of a few months, which parts of the websites were working and which weren’t.

PlanBiz were looking to cut out the cruft of features which were by and large, unused on their current website. Additionally, they wanted to create a news section in which to keep their clients up to date with market and financial information and what is going on at PlanBiz.

Most of all, PlanBiz wanted control over their website which they didn’t have with their existing site.

So, we got to work.

The newly minted PlanBiz website features a rotating services slider on the home page along with a full listing of services and news summaries present on all pages for ease of navigation. Case studies and testimonials accompany company information, Financial Services Guides and a list of useful resources such as links to tax resources and downloadable client forms.

The PlanBiz website is built on the open-source Textpattern CMS, coded to XHTML Strict 1.0 and utilises CSS2.1 for layout and styling.

Whilst remaining fully usable in all modern browsers, several CSS3 styling enhancements have been added where appropriate and can be seen in progressive browsers such as Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

We’ve extended the use of CSS3 where possible to speed the website up in compatible browsers. Using the border-radius property allowed us to create the nicely rounded containers throughout the website – generated entirely by CSS rather than background images. Of course, we’ve provided the images by means of an alternate stylesheet for those browsers (Internet Explorer) that dont currently support border-radius.

Modal Windows have been incorporated to display embedded content such as PlanBiz’ TV adverts, fed from YouTube and their Captivate-based Webinars and Google Map.

PlanBiz is the first website to go live featuring the full suite of Page Speed enhancements we’ve been developing and testing on Propellerglobal.com over the past few months. Enhancements include Gzip compression of images, javascripts and stylesheets as well as PDF’s etc on the server as well as combined and minified javascripts and CSS stylesheets.

This all leads to a significant improvement in page delivery and load speed upping the site from around 80/100 to well over 90 (depending on which page and type of content) for the finished live website.

Altogether a cleaner, easier to navigate and dramatically speedier website. If you need financial advice, David and Julie at PlanBiz will be more than happy to take your call…

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  1. Julie commented at 15:19 PM on 02 Nov 2010

    Well said, and thanks for the plug at the end!!

    Cheers, you both did a wonderful job!


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