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The Khalsa Raj Collection website

Based in Millis, an hour south-west of Boston (US), Weapons Master and Yoga teacher Jot Singh Khalsa has applied over 30 years’ experience and artistic talent to ‘The Khalsa Raj Collection’, a unique collection of contemporary jewelry and art objects intended to uplift and inspire.

Early in his career as an artisan and knife/sword maker, Jot’s mentor and teacher, Yogi Bhajan, suggested that he apply his artistic gifts to create things that uplift and inspire people. The Khalsa Raj Collection is the culmination of that journey. In his own words…

In my travels, I search for the most innovative, cutting edge “tools for the Spirit” being fashioned today. Whether crafted from my own designs or from the numerous overseas suppliers whose work you’ll find here, each and every piece has been hand selected and meticulously examined for its excellence in design, overall quality and craftsmanship.

Having already established a Shopify store Jot Singh contacted us to develop a theme, requesting a transformation reflecting as many of the following adjectives as possible: Royal – sacred – meditative – calming – elegance – sophistication – majesty – grace – magical.

We knew early on we had our work cut out and worked hard to design a theme in-keeping with Jot Singhs’ style, exquisite standard of workmanship and jewellers eye for detail.

From the rich colour scheme and detailed background to the inspiring missives of Yogi Bhajan incorporated throughout the site and the Khalsa Raj Blog; we believe we’ve captured the vitality and beauty of this stunning jewellery collection whilst creating a site you’ll love to return to.

We proudly present ‘The Khalsa Raj Collection’

Shortly after first beginning to work with PropellerGlobal I wasn’t quite sure how smooth the sailing would be. I had read all of the testimonials on their site-raving about responses to their work and orders coming in through clients new sites.

I saw that Damien and Renee had won a prestigious award “down under.” I interviewed several other designers and decided PropellerGlobal was for me-more than halfway around the world. I would be spending a fair amount more money than what I originally budgeted-but as my third website I wanted to really “do it right.”

I’m a rather head strong Virgo artist, pretty much knowing what I want and don’t want. I had been contemplating for many months on things that I wished to see included in the site, and I related almost all of these to Damien. At one point I recall him suggesting to me (via email) to back off just a bit and let him do his work.

(Being an artist myself I can relate to where he was coming from.) “I can do that,” I said to myself and he (and Renee very much!!!) proceeded to give me something that almost everyone seems to be “raving” about. I’m very grateful for their excellent work and have seen orders coming in-and I’m just about to begin advertising the site.

Jot Singh

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