Michael Walker, SDA
“Propeller are awesome. They have the best turn-around time of any supplier I deal with. Their email system is exceptionally easy to use and comes with all sorts of nifty reporting features that allow you to track how your campaigns are faring.”

Payment Terms

PropellerMail is completely free to join. You'll only have to pay when you start sending campaigns to 6 or more recipients.


PropellerMail makes it easy to create, personalise, test and send your own HTML email newsletters in minutes. Login, choose a template, add your text and images, preview the newsletter, add subscribers and send…

  • Define CampaignEasy campaign setup

    Click 'Create new campaign', enter your campaign name, subject line and from / reply addresses and you're ready to start writing!

  • Choose a TemplateChoose a template

    Propeller can custom design a template or set of templates for your business. Alternatively you can choose from one of our free stock templates.

  • Live EditorWYSIWYG Editor

    PropellerMail's real-time editor lets you see your newsletter as you compose it. Add text, images, links, change the order of articles and build an automatic table of contents.

  • PersonalisePersonalise

    Nothing is guaranteed to grab your recipients attention like the recognition of their own name. PropellerMail can automatically add your subscribers names to a personalised section of your newsletter.

  • Test CampaignPreview & Test

    Once you're happy with your newsletter you can preview and send test emails for a final check or for for approval by your partners or other stakeholders. Other options include a complete design and spam test.

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