Michael Walker, SDA
“Propeller are awesome. They have the best turn-around time of any supplier I deal with. Their email system is exceptionally easy to use and comes with all sorts of nifty reporting features that allow you to track how your campaigns are faring.”

Payment Terms

PropellerMail is completely free to join. You'll only have to pay when you start sending campaigns to 6 or more recipients.


Whether you’ve got a subscriber list of 50 or 50,000, PropellerMail makes managing your subscribers a breeze.

  • Email list growthAdd one email or 100,000

    Adding and managing your subscribers is easy – either add one at a time, copy and paste a list or import a file from excel or your address book.

  • List segmentsMultiple mailing lists and segmentation

    PropellerMail allows you to add as many lists as you like and even segment the lists for more targeted campaigns – increase your success by targeting more specific groups.

  • Subscribe formAdd a subscribe form to your website

    Allow visitors to your website to subscribe to your newsletters. Simply copy the provided code to your website and you’re ready to collect your new subscribers.

  • Schedule campaingSend now or schedule for a specific date & time

    Send your newsletter immediately or schedule for a specific time and date in any time zone.

  • Bounce handlingAutomatic bounce & unsubscribe handling

    Once you’ve added your subscribers PropellerMail takes care of the rest, bounces and unsubscribes are handled automatically and your list kept constantly up to date.

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