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“I initially approached Propeller to get a business image underway and was so impressed with the results, I have now used their services for several business ventures. Propeller are professional, creative individuals who have managed to surpass my expectations on each occassion. Highly recommended!.”

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Annual Reports

It’s been a big year; your company has worked hard and you need a professional annual report to herald your successes, highlight your progress and portray your journey in a way that will engage your shareholders.

Annual reports are much more than artistically photographed images, pie charts and figures, it’s the story of a company’s milestones and success which should clearly communicate business performance, trust, stability and innovation. It should re-inforce the company’s brand and make a concise statement about where the company stands.

Annual reports require attention to detail and clean, concise design that will bring your company’s message and story to life without clutter. Propeller will take the time to understand your company and it’s story, to deliver your report on time and on budget. We can also assist you with photography, copy writing and printing techniques to help you ensure your annual report really shines.

  • Flying Arts Annual Report
  • Annual Report
  • Annual Report

Recent Graphic Design Projects & News

  • Richmond Fellowship Queensland (RFQ) Annual Report

    Richmond Fellowship Queensland are a community-owned organisation that supports people facing mental health challenges and social disadvantage. This year Propeller were delighted to have the opportunity to work on RFQ’s annual report.

  • Make Your Data Dazzling with an Infographic

    Incredible Infographic

    Looking for a better way to get your point across? An Infographic could be the answer…

    It seems almost everyone is facebooking or tweeting a cool infographic these days, their rise in popularity throughout social media and on websites has been meteoric and we’ve had a few people ask us ‘what’s these info-thingy’s?’…

  • Annual Reports -€“ Crunching numbers can be beautiful

    Flying Arts Annual Report

    Annual Report’ sounds boring right? But it shouldn‘€™t be! Annual reports are important for presenting information to a company‘€™s investors and having a professionally designed annual report will increase the likelihood of it being read and taken seriously.

  • Welcome to the Era of Design

    All businesses, no matter what they make or sell, should recognize the power and financial value of good design.

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