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The Propeller Graphic Design & Marketing website contains various types of navigation which you can use to move through the site.

Propeller Logo

The Propeller logo can be used to return to the home page from any part of the website.

Primary navigation

The first level of navigation for all pages on this site is the primary navigation at the top of each page above the header.

From here you can link to:

Home – the Propeller Graphic Design & Marketing home page
PropellerMail Login – Login to PropellerMail
Contact us – contact information for Propeller Graphic Design & Marketing

Secondary navigation

The second level of navigation for all pages on this site sits across the page below the primary navigation.

From here you can link to:

About Us – Meet the team and read some of our clients’ testimonials.
Graphic Design – Read about Propeller’s Graphic Design services.
Web Design – Read about Propeller’s Web Design services.
Email Marketing – Read about Propeller’s Email Marketing services.
Blog – Read news and opinions from Propeller and other sources.

Links to Graphic & Web Design and Email Marketing are reproduced graphically on the home page in addition to the standard text links.

The ‘loaded’ footer at the bottom of every page allows users direct access to all service pages in addition to context sensitive excerpts from our blog. Users can also sign up for our e-newsletter and subscribe to our RSS feed here.

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From the footer you can access this help guide, a site map and legal notices.

Help – tips on using this website. You are here.
Site map – an index of the pages within our site.
Privacy – read our privacy policy.

If you are using an assistive technology such as a screen reader to browse this site, skip links are provided at the beginning of the page to allow you to move quickly to key information such as the primary navigation, secondary navigation, search or content. The links are not visible in a graphical browser.

A site search facility is provided at the bottom of every page.


This site has been designed to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to ensure that the content is available to as many users as possible, including:

  • People with disabilities who may use assistive technologies and devices
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This site’s accessibility features include:

  • Use of semantic and ordered headings which can be used for navigation in some browsers and assistive devices.
  • Skip links.
  • Text provided in relative units to allow resizing in all browsers.
  • Site map.

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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) provides a convenient way to subscribe to content “feeds” including instant updates of newly posted articles on the Propeller Graphic Design & Marketing website.

When you subscribe to an RSS feed, updates are automatically updated in your RSS reader or RSS enabled browser without you having to visit the site.

RSS feeds can be accessed using many different applications such as NetNewsWire, Firefox, Safari & Internet Explorer 7+.

Further information regarding RSS can be found on Wikipedia.

Recent Projects

  • The 'New' Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel Website

    Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel

    We dont often share single website launches but in this instance there is a degree of history behind it which speaks to a return on investment not normally associated with websites.

  • Brown Brothers Engineers New Zealand

    Brown Brothers Engineers New Zealand

    December 2013 saw the launch of a new Brown Brothers Engineers Australia website. October 2014 sees the turn of New Zealand parent company Brown Brothers Engineers.

  • RedFest 2014


    Read about Propeller’s 2014 responsive reboot of the RedFest website.

  • Into Harmony Health Services

    Into Harmony Health Services

    Into Harmony Health Services are located in Bayside, Brisbane. Melanie Young has been passionate about health and wellness for over 30 years. Following a substantial period of rehabilitation following a car accident and surviving cancer in her late twenties, Melanie has dedicated years of personal development and training to assisting other people with their health challenges.

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